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Note: The game is not in active development at the moment, due to lack of time and creative spark.

Main features

  • High quality renders (1920x1080, check the screenshots).
  • Visual Novel: creative storytelling with slow build, feel-good vibe, choices, and characters with different personalities.
  • Dating Sim: build friendship and desire with the 6 love interests by making choices in the story and choosing who to hang out with in your spare time.
  • College/Life Sim: participate in Freshman Week events, Free roam, complete quests, study for exams and build stats such as social, fitness and swimming.
  • Sex: from innocent but sexy everyday situations to more hardcore stuff.

How do I support the game?

  • Become a supporter at Patreon (Link). In the higher tiers you'll get access to the game earlier and have the opportunity to vote on game content every month. 
  • Tip a few dollars here at Itch. Doesn't matter how much!
  • Leave a rating here at Itch to help the game gain a wider audience.


This is the public release of Frosh Life. Become a patron at Patreon to get access to the latest version of the game before it becomes public.

Frosh Life is a Unity Visual Novel/Dating Sim/College Sim with adult content. The game takes place during your freshman year at Pornell University in the fictional city of Pornell. You play the main character, a 19 year old guy who leaves home to go to college. As luck would have it, you move into a dorm which you share with three girls.

Your goal in the game is entirely up to you. Will you study hard to win the end-of-year scholarship? Will you practice hard to become the national college swimming champion? Will you take on part-time jobs to earn more money? Will you take the time to get the to know the people of Pornell? Or will you simply strive to have as much sex as humanly possible?

Current features (detailed)

  • 16 in-game days of content. The first week is pretty heavy on story.
  • Build relations with the six love interests and do side quests involving other girls.
  • Experience the story, make choices with consequences large and small.
  • Manage player statuses such as social status, money, fitness and swimming.
  • Explore different locations in the city of Pornell (current locations include dorms, campus, gym, beach, corner store, bookstore, swim arena).
  • Water gun fight mini-game with wet t-shirt vibe!
  • Work part-time jobs to earn extra money (currently one job available from day 7).
  • Attend lectures, study at home or study with friends to get ready for the exams.
  • Train swimming and try to make it to the national college championships.
  • And of course... sex and other fetishes! Currently includes handjob, blowjob, voyeurism, vaginal sex, upskirt, anal fingering and peeing

Planned features (detailed)

  • Two semesters of college - from the beginning of September to the end of May.
  • Work part-time jobs to earn extra money.
  • Swim meets - compete against swimmers from other universities and try to work your way to the top.
  • More locations.
  • More sex: teacher/student, anal sex and outdoor/public to name a few fetishes.


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Frosh Life 0.6.1 473 MB
Frosh Life v0.3 Walkthrough 118 kB

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Hi, I looked up the help section in-game and downloaded the walkthrough, no mention in either of how to leave a shop interface and every time I access any of the shops I have to close the entire game and restart from a save. I'm unsure if this is a known bug due to how recently introduced items are.

Absolute Gem! I really enjoyed the game, and can't wait for more. :-) 

I'm guessing that the Dev has contributions on Patreon paused at the moment, so I'll make do with a tip here at Itch for now. Once you're developing again, I'm happy to become a supporter on Patreon!

I hope things your situation is improving, and that you get your mojo back! I would love to see more instalments of this really enjoyable game.

Zoey FTW!

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Sexy Simulations: Eight months ago, you replied to a question about releasing an Android version, saying you needed more support to do so.  

What kind of support do you need? 

I am a MacOS user, who also hopes to enjoy FL. 


Hi! Mainly I mean more support as in more patrons over at Patreon (which equals more revenue for the game). But I'm not gonna lie, right now other platforms are far, far down my priority list. With the limited time and motivation I have right now, just getting back to working on the game is my only priority. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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I certainly wish you more patrons and more motivation too. Some people specialize in playing these games and sharing/showing them on YouTube. So maybe I can follow your game, as it grows, this way.  I see you have your own channel there! BRAVO.That is how I found more games to support (not just here on Itch)

Thanks for the reply. Warm regards, TJM 

The game keeps crashing, what should i do? 

and yes, i tried the unitycrashhandler...

What version of the game are you playing? Where in the game does it crash, what are you trying to do when it crashes?

When will the update come?


Sorry for the late reply. I'm currently unable to work on the game, so no update for a while I'm afraid


When will the next update be released.  It's a great game❤


Thanks! Due to the low support for the game, I can't work as much on it as I used to, so it will unfortunately be a while longer

By 2021?


Some time in 2021 (can't give a better estimate right now)



This game is seriously underrated.


Thank you!

Android version ? *pleading look*


Sorry, not at the moment. But if the game gains more support I'll definitely consider more platforms

No 32 bit version?


Unfortunately no. I'll see if I can make one for the next release of the game.


about the 32-bit version again: my preferred solution (Unity Cloud Build) for this unfortunately meant having to pay 2 new monthly subscriptions, which I'm not willing to do until the game makes more money. I'm sorry to say: no more platforms until that happens.

Didn't know license fees were involved.  Sad news, but understandable why you made that decision.


great game


Good Game.. Good Start :)


Thank you! Episode 2 is in development now, will hopefully be ready at the end of February.


Looks intreresting